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Syunik Region, Armenia


Karahounge (Zorac Qarer) - It's an ancient observatory from 6mil B.C.  It is located at 1770 m. above sea level and occupies 7 hectares of territory. The monument consists of about 223 basalt slabs of which 84 have 4-5cm long openings in them (which, for Stone Age, have been rendered with incredible smoothness). Scientific researches have proved, that the Zorac Qarer (Karahounge) is one of the oldest space observatories in the world, dating back to the 5th and 6th century BC. The stones, which are surprisingly well arranged, have holes in them from where it was possible to observe stars. Images on the rocks discovered not far from Karahounge prove that primitive men in Armenian were well-informed of astrology during ancient times.  


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