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Lori Region, Armenia

Lori is the northern region of Armenia, where the imposing mountain ranges of the Caucasus interlace with the maze of rivers cutting through the forests. Native to this region are an amazing assortment of oak, beech, and pine trees as well as dozens of fruits, nuts, and berries. It is not surprising that the Armenian language has specific words designating forests of fruit trees: "Khndzorut" (apple-trees); "Tandzout" (pear-trees), "Shlorout" (plum-trees), etc. Lori's climate is temperate and relatively humid as the Lori-Pambak Mountains protect this area from the penetration of cold air from the north. Consequently, this region is a favorite for camping and hiking, as there is an ideal confluence of pure mountain air, the fragrant aroma of the woods and meadows, and the secluded natural environment all beckon the adventuring visitor.

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