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Gyumri, Armenia

The Shirak region, located in Armenia's northwest corner, includes the nation's second largest city, Gyumri. Shirak offers some of the country's best and least known scenic and natural features, such as the great Arpa Lake and the alpine meadows and valleys of the Ashotsk region. Shirak is also the only place from within Armenia's current borders where visitors can bear witness to a unique jewel of Armenia's past, the ruins of the glorious city of Ani, the former flourishing Armenian capital and cultural center, tantalizingly located just across the Akhuryan River in today's Turkey.
The Shirak region's climate and landscapes are similarly rugged, with high altitudes and long winters, but the warm season ushers in unparalleled beauty unfurled across miles of wildflower meadows under snow capped peaks and icy mountain streams. The architectural splendor of Haritch, Marmashen and many other churches and monasteries dotting the region are likewise attractions to the area as are the denizens of Shirak, famous for their hospitality, sense of humor and love of culture.

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