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Devil's Bridge Tour

Devil's Bridge Tour Packages
Country: Armenia
City: Syunik Region
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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To the question if nature is a living creature many people would answer it is. To the question, if nature is creative many people would answer it is. To the question, if nature is the best artist in the world many people would answer yes. Yet knowing all this is one thing but seeing the reflection of nature’s most creative hand in front is another thing. Sometimes the masterpieces it creates are so astounding that the mind is in no way able to interpret the possibility of those creations. It’s perhaps because today the talent of our mother nature is greatly devalued and underrated. But even with the highest level of underestimation, its talent can never be ignored.

An example where nature has reached the peak of its creativity is the Devil’s Bridge in the region of Syunik, Armenia. A short description of devil’s bridges would be the following – in general, those bridges are named so, which seem to have needed some heroic strength and effort to be built.

The majority of devil’s bridges are usually found in Europe with France being the country with the most number of those bridges. Almost all legends related to the devil’s bridges have it that people used to make a pact with the devil based on which the latter agreed to build a bridge but was to get the soul of the first person crossing it. Each of those bridges is remarkable, and so is the Armenian Devil’s Bridge.

The Devil’s Bridge is 30 meters long and is 50-60 meters wide and is surrounded by mountainous springs. The waters of the springs have given pink, yellow, and green coloring to the rocks of the canyon.

The bridge has a natural origin and is formed by travertines. But as they say, Michelangelo didn’t carve David’s statue within a day. So is the case with the bridge. It took centuries during which huge masses of limestone gathered and eventually “built” the bridge.

At the edges of the bridge, there are stalactites loosely hanging. They were made by the mineral water springs, which can be seen right under the bridge and which pour into the river making it appear more abundant.

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