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Resort Town Of Jermuk Tour

Resort Town Of Jermuk Tour Packages
Country: Armenia
City: Jermuk
Duration: 3 Day(s) - 2 Night(s)
Tour Category: Festival Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Resort Town of Jermuk

Day 1: Arrival

Day 2: Resort Town of Jermuk

Jermuk is a town in the southern Armenian province of Vayots Dzor. Jermuk is located on a small mountain plateau framed with woody mountainsides at a height of 2080 meters above sea level and split with the picturesque canyon of the Arpa river. It was a popular destination during the Soviet era and famous for its hot springs and brand of mineral water that is bottled in the vicinity. The town has a large waterfall with a large natural bridge nearby, a small lake, forests with walking trails, and mineral water pools. Jermuk is currently being redeveloped in the hope of becoming a center of tourism once again.

Day 3: Departure

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Best Places to Visit in Jermuk:

Gndevank Monastery:
Gndevank Monastery is an ideal place to go for the enjoyment of being surrounded by the harmony of nature. The monastery is one of the most charming landmarks in the country and is the best example of medieval Armenian architecture. Built-in the 10th century, the area features tombs and khachkars from the 10th-16th centuries.

Jermuk Waterfall:
Even though Armenia might not be home to the most magnificent waterfalls in the entire world, it does nonetheless have its share of beautiful ones. Jermuk Waterfall is the second largest waterfall in the country, situated at 2,000 meters (6,562 ft) above sea level and the height of the falls is 70 meters (230 ft). There’s a legend about the waterfall that locals like to tell their foreign visitors about how the waterfall got to be known as the ‘Mermaid’s Hair’ waterfall.

Ride the Ropeway:
If you happen to visit Armenia in the winter months and want to head towards its ski resorts, then Jermuk is a good place to go. Its professional ski slopes are a favorite destination for many locals and foreigners who like to have a great time exploring lesser-known ski destinations. However, you can still enjoy the area even in the spring or summer months. There is a 1,000-meter-long (3,280 ft) ropeway that reaches 2,480 meters (8,136 ft) at its highest point.

Jermuk’s “Water Gallery”:
As the town is known for its healing waters, Jermuk’s “Water Gallery” consists of several pipes that come out from the walls, from which natural mineral water runs right into stone containers. Each pipe shows the water temperature, so you know what to expect before trying it. Each water is also different from the others, and they are believed to have various properties that cure different health issues.

Jermuk Art Gallery:
Art lovers will enjoy wandering through the Jermuk Art Gallery to admire the paintings of local painters in its permanent exhibition hall, which showcases around a hundred paintings and sculptures from the period of 1920-1990.

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